Twiiiiiiiiliiiight funni stuff

17 01 2009

hey! This is what the Cullens really do when Bella’s not around.


ok, when I first saw this, my first thought was:”why the heck are they in a tree?” Bella looks like a bee just stung her face and Edward looks like hes trying to remember the answer to a hard problem. I thought it was funni.




4 responses

18 01 2009

hehe. i never knew Edward, Carlisle, jasper and Emmet liked to party so much. šŸ˜† i like that link. I was laughing my head off when I found that. šŸ˜€

18 01 2009

and you have to admit, Bella does look like she got stung in the face. šŸ™‚

19 01 2009

true! or that something got in her eyes! šŸ˜† yeah Edward doe look like he’s thinking hard about something! šŸ˜€

19 01 2009

lol! šŸ™‚ it was fun to look for wacko pictures

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