Cullen Cars

Hey! So, you know how all the Cullens like to drive fast?

some of Bella’s quotes kind of emphasize that.

“Holy crow!” I shouted. “Slow Down!” Twilight, page 181

“very funny.” I fumed. “Charlie’s a cop, remember? I was raised to abide traffic laws. Besides, if you turn us into a Volvo pretzel around a tree-trunk, you can probably just walk away.” Twilight, page 182

“He drives like a maniac. It was terrifying.” Twilight, page 202

Bella’s car:


Edward’s car:

It’s a Volvo360R

Rosalie’s BMW M3:

Carlisle’s Mercedes 355 AMG:


Emmet’s Jeep Wrangler:

1997 Jeep Tj Right Side View


Jacob isn’t a Cullen, obviously, but his car is still sweeet. Its a Volkswagon Rabbit.

This is the Porsche Alice recieves from Edward. I LOVE this car!!!


these are Bella, and Jacob’s motorcycles.



this is Bella’s Before Car in Breaking Dawn. It protests her while she’s still a vulnerable human.


this is Bella’s after car:

and so, that conclude the Cullen and non Cullen cars. 🙂 hope ya like this


5 responses

18 01 2009

hee hee. i like the yellow porsche. but I don’t speak cars so I really have no idea about anything car related, but oh well. 😆

18 01 2009

me too!

20 01 2009

i know! someone will be like: “oh, my favorite car is a mercedes 7230 blah blah whatever.” and i’ll be like “umm, what was that?”

21 01 2009

same here! 😆 😀

21 01 2009

🙂 lol

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