the Cast

hola! ok, this is the page designed for the 

one and only

super awesome

one of a kind



ok, so I took this quiz to find out what the twilight cast would say about me.

What do the Twilight cast have to say about you?
Funny, a little shy at times, athletic, fun 

Funny, a little shy at times, athletic, fun quiz

Bella: “She’s nice, she’s a really good friend, and knows when to butt-out.” 
Edward: “A little queit sometimes, but otherwise funny.” 
Emmett: “She’s fricken’ awesome!!!!!” 
Jasper: “We don’t hang much, but Bella likes her alot so I see her around.” 
Alice: “To shy! But her style is totally fashion foward!” 
Rose: “Who?” 
Charlie: “Nice girl…. she and bella go out together alot…” 
Jacob:”Hah! me and her are friends, cuz bella introduced us.”

i thought that was pretty cool! according to Emmet, I’m freakin awesome!!!! sweet. 

this is Emmet. dude. awesome hoodie.

Jasper Alice and Emmet


Stephenie on the set

this is Bella’s cafeteria crowd. (Eric 🙂 Mike, Ang, Jess, Tyler, and lauren) 

Cam Gigandet as James

Stephenie with the vampires

From left to right, Bella, Alice, Rosalie, Stephenie Meyer, Carlisle and Jasper. 

Stephenie with Bella and Edward

Bella Stephenie Edward.

The Cullen Family

Cullens WalkingCullen Close-up


so, yeah, can’t wait for new moon!!!!!!


6 responses

18 01 2009

I think they picked a good cast. I don’t really like who plays Rosalie… but other wise its good

24 01 2009

how come? i really don’t know who any of them are really well but that’s ok! i like Bella! she’s my fav!

24 01 2009

I like Bella too, but I think she is too serious to play Bella.

26 01 2009

why? have you seen the movies or read the books? i haven’t because i’m reading Harry Potter right now and it would kind of confuse me if i were reading two long books that are series! 😆

27 01 2009

yes, I’ve seen the movie twice and i’ve read the books 4 times each. 🙂

27 01 2009

that’s cool!

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