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hey! This is the page designed for the Twilight Saga……


TWILIGHT. what’s with the apple? Well, the apple on the cover of Twilight represents “forbidden fruit.” Stephenie Meyer used the scripture from Genesis (located just after the table of contents) because she liked the phrase “the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.” Isn’t that exactly what Bella ends up with? A working knowledge of what good is, and what evil is. The nice thing about the apple is it has so many symbolic roots. You’ve got the apple in Snow White, one bite and you’re frozen forever in a state of not-quite-death… Then you have Paris and the golden apple in Greek mythology—look how much trouble that started. Apples are quite the versatile fruit. In the end, I think she loved the beautiful simplicity of the picture. 

And what does Bella look like?  In my head, Bella is very fair-skinned, with long, straight, dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Her face is heart-shaped—a wide forehead with a widow’s peak, large, wide-spaced eyes, prominent cheekbones, and then a thin nose and a narrow jaw with a pointed chin. Her lips are a little out of proportion, a bit too full for her jaw line. Her eyebrows are darker than her hair and more straight than they are arched. She’s five foot four inches tall, slender but not at all muscular, and weighs about 115 pounds. She has stubby fingernails because she has a nervous habit of biting them. And there’s your very detailed description. {cool! I have a widow’s peak too!}

What CD is Bella listening to in Chapter seven? LINKIN PARK!!!!! man,  I love that band. 


Here are some of the different covers with which Twilight is being sold throughout the world:


Japan Japan 2 Japan 3

Germany Germany 2

The Netherlands:

The Czech Republic:





Korea 1 Korea 2

Norway Norway PB





ok, now New Moon!!!

NEW MOON. What kind of flower is that on the cover, and what does it mean? That is a ruffled tulip. As for the meaning… Stephenie Meyer doesn’t really know.  lol. And you know how Bella wants to put her mortality on a vote? And then Edward has a temper tantrum in the living room? What did Edward break in the living room after the vote? Edward ripped into halves a sixty inch plasma TV that the Cullens had shipped in from Korea because it’s not available in the states yet. Emmett was a bit annoyed. 😆

Here are a few of the different covers with which New Moon is being sold throughout the world:



The Netherlands:
The Netherlands

The Czech Republic:

Japan (Covers):
Japan1 Japan2 Japan3 
Japan (Illustrations):




ECLIPSE.  What the heck is a ribbon doing on Eclipse? I thought Bella had no fashion interest… or hair styling interests for that matter. Well, I guess it sybolizes two things.. 1)One end symbolizes edward the other end symbolizes jacob.The ribbon symbolizes her two choices of love or the person she can choose to stay with. 2)The ribbon also symbolizes the choices she has.One to become a vampire and stay with edward,Or stay human and stay with jacob. 

And… Did Jacob imprint on Bella? umm, No. And this is how you can be sure: in New Moon, after the first time Jacob becomes his wolf phase, he is mean to Bella. He won’t tell her what is wrong. He says he can’t see her anymore. If he’d imprinted on Bella in that moment (and it happens the first time you see the person after you’ve phased), he would have answered all her questions. Pretty much, he would have given her anything in the world she wanted. (When he’s staring at her on the bottom of page 173 in Eclipse, he’s trying to make himself imprint on her. But that’s not something you can force.) Aaaah! scary. but kind of cool. freaky wolf claim. awww whatever. 


And heres a list of my favorite Eclipse quotes!!

 “I’m really glad Edward didn’t kill you. Everything’s so much more fun with you around.” — Emmett Cullen 

 “I already know how strong you are. You didn’t have to break the furniture.” —Bella Swan

“Fall down again, Bella?” — Emmett Cullen 

“Did you seriously just stamp your foot? I thought girls only did that on TV.” — Jacob Black 

 “I was just wondering why you stabbed him. Not that I object.” — Edward Cullen 

“Yeah, in between insulting someone’s mother and taking the Lord’s name in vaine, he said, ‘Bet you’re glad she loves Cullen instead of me today, huh, Charlie?’” – Charlie Swan

Jacob stared at me in shcok. “Are you alright?”

“No, dammit! You broke my hand!

“Bella, you broke your hand. Now stop dancing around and let me look at it.” -Jacob and Bella

Breaking dawn!

BREAKING DAWN. What does the cover mean? HMM? Well, umm, Breaking Dawn’s cover is a metaphor for Bella’s progression throughout the entire saga. She began as the weakest (at least physically, when compared to vampires and werewolves) player on the board: the pawn. She ended as the strongest: the queen. In the end, it’s Bella that brings about the win for the Cullens.

Why the name Renesmee? Well, she couldn’t call her Jennifer or Ashley, which are pretty names but common. What do you name the most unique baby in the world? she probably looked through a lot of baby name websites. But there isn’t really a human name for this baby…. so I think she just made up Renesmee. I like that name, it reminds me of my name, Desiree. 

What happened to Leah? Leah is currently pretty satisfied with life. She’s free from Sam’s pack, which is a very happy thing for her. She’s the “beta” in Jacob’s pack, which she can’t help but be a little smug about around her pack brothers (its kind of a big deal in wolf terms). Jacob has become the reliable friend that she’s been needing for quite some time, and he’s a real comfort to her, though they conceal their fondness for each other with constant bickering. She has absolutely no romantic interest in Jacob, and the whole Nessie thing only bothers her in that it ties her to the vampires.

What’s the deal with “shapeshifters”? What is the definition of a werewolf? Is it a man who changes into a wolf? Or is it a man who, once infected by a werewolf bite, changes into a wolf during a full moon? If you go with the basic description, then the Quileutes are werewolves. It’s not a distinction that really matters on a normal day. During the standoff with the Volturi (not a normal day), Edward sees that Caius is going to use the treaty with the werewolves as an excuse to attack. He’s aware of the distinction between these wolves and the more traditional kind, and though it’s only a technicality, he is able to use it to deflect the attack. Technically, the Volturi aren’t at war with these wolves and Edward stresses the word “shapeshifter” in order to make the distinction clearer to the witnesses. The Quileutes weren’t aware of the existence of a different species of werewolves, but Carlisle and Edward were. There was a hint about this at the end of Eclipse when Edward says to Victoria (referring to Seth), “Is he really so much like the monster James tracked across Siberia?”

Here are my favorite Breaking Dawn quotes:

Alice: “I’ll play you for it. Rock, paper, scissors.”

Edward: “Why don’t you just tell me who wins?”

Alice: “I do. Excellent.”

Bella: “Oh, Mike! How will I go on?”

Emmett: “Oooo, scary.”

Bella: “Jasper? What do vampires do for bachelor parties? You’re not taking him to a strip club, are you?”

Alice: “No one will dare to call you plain when I’m through with you.”

Bella: “Only because they’re afraid you’ll suck their blood.”

Edward: “You’re awfully small to be so hugely irritating.”

Bella: “Why am I covered in feathers?”

Renee: “Alice wouldn’t let us do anything else. Every time we tried, she all but ripped our throats out.”

Bella: “Did you know that ‘I told you so’ has a brother, Jacob?” she asked, cutting me off. “His name is ‘Shut the hell up.’”

Jacob: “Jeez, Paul, don’t you freaking have a home of your own?”

Jacob:“I’m not going to lie, Bells. You’re hideous.”

and thats all. umm, bye


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18 01 2009

my favorite book is Eclipse!!!!

20 01 2009

wow a lot of them are different from each other

20 01 2009

I agree! 🙂

24 01 2009

i haven’t really read any of the books cause i’m reading Harry Potter right now! i’m on the 4th book! personally i like Harry Potter better! no offense! this is just my opinion! it’s ok if u dissagree! 🙂

24 01 2009

Harry Potter is AWESOME! In my head, Harry Potter and Twilight are at a tie! I’ve read each harry potter book 8 times 😀 they are soooo good

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